Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shears, Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shears


Capacity :
2 MM X 10MM
width :
1500 MM to 3000 MM

  • Application
  • Salient Features
  • Optional Accessories

Electrical Control Panels
Steel Doors and Windows
Steel Furniture
Cable Trays
Kitchen Equipments (Kitchen Sinks)
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Industry (Refrigerator and AC Body, Ducts rtc.)
Dairy Equipments (Square & Rectangular Tanks in Stainless Steel)
Luminaries in Tube Light Fittings
Construction & Earth Moving Equipments
Pharmaceutical Equipments
Other Bending Application

Ram Roller Guided System incorporating traditional TRIMANS torque tube design.
High cutting quality is ensured through the Rigid Ram roller guided system along with HCHCr blade and low fixed rake angle.
Easier Cutting length adjustment.
Instantaneous ram stoppage and hydraulic overload safety provides maximum safety for machine and operator.
Least impact loads give blade life, noiseless operation which improves working atmosphere and eliminates need to isolate the      machine.
Easiest & fastest clearance setting arrangement with Direct calibration to thickness by levers on both sides of machine.
Less power consumption, least wear & maintenance reduces operating costs and downtime.
Roller guides on Ram with hardened replaceable liners give unlimited life.
Back Gauge automatically moves away from bottom blade during shearing to avoid trapping of cut strips between them thereby      reducing wear and tear of shearing blades and gauge bar.

Motorized Back Gauge with DRO
NC back gauge with lead screw / ball screw
Pads on hold-downs to avoid marks on soft sheet
Longer back gauge of 1000mm range.
Ball transfer system.
Back gauge with automatic contact shearing
Rear sheet support mechanism (R.S.S.M.)
First fill of hydraulic oil.
Photo electric finger safety guard
Cut to length shears
High speed shears.