Extra Edge Hydraulic Shears, Extra Edge Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturer, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Extra Edge Hydraulic Shears


20 MM to 32 MM
3000 MM to 5000 MM

  • Application
  • Salient Features
  • Optional Accessories

Electrical Control Panels
Steel Doors and Windows
Steel Furniture
Cable Trays
Kitchen Equipments (Kitchen Sinks)
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Industry (Refrigerator and AC Body, Ducts rtc.)
Dairy Equipments (Square & Rectangular Tanks in Stainless Steel)
Luminaries in Tube Light Fittings
Construction & Earth Moving Equipments
Pharmaceutical Equipments

The blade movement is powered by a relatively small, single hydraulic cylinder driving a pair of “bell cranks” arms. The mechanical      advantage gained by this system provides all the force necessary for full shearing capacity.
Rake Angle adjustment by push button gives twist free shearing.
Easy and fast motorized blade gap setting arrangement by push button.
Guides are located on outside the frames to provide accurate guidance to cutting beam.
This allows visual inspection of the guides for wear without dismantling the ram.
Built in hydraulic overload protects the machine and the blades against damage due to misuse or overload.
Hydraulic hold downs provide positive gripping of plates while shearing of narrow.
Both top and bottom blades have four usable edges and rare interchangeable.

Motorized Back Gauge with DRO
Ball transfer system.
First fill of hydraulic oil.
Photo electric finger safety guard
High speed shears.
Extra long squaring arm.