CNC Synchro Hydraulic Press Brakes, CNC Synchronised Hydraulic Press Brakes Manufacturer, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

CNC Synchro Hydraulic Press Brakes


80 MT to 500 MT
2500 MM to 6000 MM

  • Application
  • Salient Features
  • Optional Accessories
  • Bending Chart

Electrical Control Panels
Steel Doors and Windows
Steel Furniture
Cable Trays
Kitchen Equipments (Kitchen Sinks)
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Industry (Refrigerator and AC Body, Ducts rtc.)
Dairy Equipments (Square & Rectangular Tanks in Stainless Steel)
Luminaries in Tube Light Fittings
Construction & Earth Moving Equipments
Pharmaceutical Equipments
Other Bending Application

Repetitive accuracy in the beam stopping is ± 0.01 mm.
Full Control of positioning & speeds of the ram.
Programming of bending angle upto 0.1 degree resolution, with automatic calculation of bending force & desired bending angle,      ensures full protection against concentrated load on toolings.
Programming of stroke, work speed (10% to 100%), return speed (10% to 100%) to make release of heavy or very wide plates      smoother.
Back Gauge retraction on pinch point.

Additional axes R,Z,Z1 & Z2.
Higher versions of DELEM controllers i.e. DA 65W, DA 66W, DA 69W.
Cybelec controllers also available on request
Optional serial link (RS 232).
Anti-deflection unit (manual & motorized)
Sliding sheet supports with swing-away stoppers for front gauging.
Bed & Ram horn extensions.
Extra throat depth
Higher speed versions
Photo electric finger safety guards
Hydraulic tool clamping
First fill of hydraulic oil.